Hold The Jello!

I Got A New Job!

Yesterday was my last day working for Schubas and Lincoln Hall. It’s been a wild ride. I’m grateful to the people I’ve met and for the experiences we’ve shared, but I couldn’t be more excited to go work with the fine folks at Someoddpilot.

I’ve worked at the corner of Belmont & Southport for a long time, through a few job titles. Here are some random recollections.

* DJs upstairs
* The occasionally flooding basement
* Working 5 people deep in the old office. Moving to the new office that sways in the wind on breezy days. 
* Tomorrow Never Knows
* Officiating Matt & Casey’s wedding.
* Attending multiple SXSWs
* Making thousands of ads, flyers, posters
* Seeing thousands of shows. Won’t even scratch this surface, because there are way too many to cover.
* Hundreds of great coworkers. Again, too many to cover here, but you’ll be missed.
* Megan & Colin’s wedding in the music room
* Meeting my future wife who, at the time, served me shift drinks
* Working music room door in the early days
* Stay Smooths of all shapes and sizes
* Live from Studio X
* Getting hooked up with access to Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, and any other concert I could ask for
* Roaming the construction site dirt pile that later become Lincoln Hall.
* Holiday party live band karaoke debauchery
* Fiona Apple fans crashing the internet
* Bjork in the DJ booth
* The two all-staff trips to Michigan city, without which I might not be married to Hannah
* Joe & the gang at Bel-port Liquors
* Boo the dog

These final few days were packed with fun lunches, sweets and well wishes. I think this picture sums it all up.

Farewell Schubas family. Hannah and I will be at the early show tonight.

This is called Lure Coursing. Stiles was very, very into it. We drove up to Somers, WI to visit this place, right by Mars Cheese Castle. Stiles slept well that night.

Mister Joshua - Dialogue Incorporated #28
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Dialogue Incorporated #28 - Mister Joshua from Dialogue Inc Podcasts


Dialogue Incorporated Podcast: Summer Edition

Hour 1
the xx “Chained” (John Talabot & Pional remix) — Young Turks
Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald “Borderland” (Deep Jazz in the Garden mix) — Borderland — Tresor
Henrik Schwarz “Take Words in Return” (C2 remix) — Watergate
Move D “The Incorrigible Heartthrob” — Gerd Janson Presents Musik for Autobahns — Rush Hour
Kim Ann Foxman “Return It” (Populette remix) — Need Want
Locked Groove”Do It Anyway” — Hot Flush
Shape Worship “Concentration” — Observances — Exotic Pylon
Dauwd “Acqueous” — Heat Division — Ghostly International
Hour 2
Boards of Canada “Cold Earth” — Tomorrow’s Harvest — Warp
Mu-ziq “Mountain Island Boner” — Chewed Corners — Planet Mu
Submerse “This Combo Could End Us” — Algorithms and Ghosts — Project Mooncircle
Space Dimension Controller “A Lonely Flight to EroDru-10” — Welcome to Mirkosector 50 — R&S
Daft Punk “Doin’ It Right” (ft Panda Bear) — Random Access Memories — Columbia
DJ Koze “My Plans” (ft Matthew Dear) — Amygdala — Kompakt
Mount Kimbie “Home Recording” — Cold Spring Fault Less Youth — Warp
Close “My Way” (ft Joe Dukie) (Tanner Ross & Slow Hands remix) — Getting Closer — !k7


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